Lu Style Taichi

Lu Family Taichi is fairly common around the Handan and Zhengzhou area of China, although I suspect no one has heard of it in the West before now.

Most of what we consider taichi today has come from a common lineage, Chen, Yang, Wu, Lee, Wu(Hao), Sun and so this is one idea of understanding what taichi is.

Another definition though is any martial art based around the principles of the yin/yang and so under this larger umbrella you can find many more styles of taichi, where advanced martial artists have applied their knowledge of the yin yang from classical taichi to other hard fighting systems, an example being mantis style taichi from Shandong.

In this case, the story goes that the Lu family were a Kungfu martial family, much like the Chen family and in the early 19th Century a Wudang Taoist Monk visited the area and taught the head of the family his soft internal art form.

This story may be true, or there may have been an influence from the Yang family, or Wu(Hao) family but ultimately the style of taichi they practise looks like it has come from Wudang so it may be true. The author is not expert enough to be sure. It certainly does not resemble Chen or Yang Style taichi.

The current head of the Lu family demonstrated part of one of his forms for me and it looked quite challenging. There is a lot of snake hand in the form and 180 degree changes in direction.

We also did Pushing Hands together and what we did was similiar to basic Chen and Yang Style Tuishou, but the style itself has retained a very wide diversity of martial Tuishuo and so this is probably the main interest for Western martial artists.

I would be very happy for someone with more experience and interest in this to check them out and document this style.

I was introduced to the family by the Wushu Master of Handan University, Xie Yong Guan, who also practised it as a boy, but contact can also be made with them via the local government officer for culture who was very happy for me to promote his regions traditional culture and welcomes visitors.

Please see the page on Master Lu for more details.


The China Taichi Guide : A Basic Introduction to Lu Family Taichi.

Anthony Fidler 2011 - The China Tai Chi Guide - A Guide to finding the right Tai Chi Teacher and School for you in China. Yang Style Tai Chi, Chen Style Tai Chi, Wu, Sun and other Internal Martial Arts are all discussed along with the Locations where Quality Tai Chi can be found in China.